Boeing's JSTARS offering is the right sized aircraft with the Size, Weight, Power and Cooling (SWaP-C) needed for current and future JSTARS missions.


The Boeing Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) offers benefits above and beyond competitors’ luxury business jet offerings. Built on the most successful platform in aviation history, the Boeing 737, the JSTARS solution utilizes a One Boeing global infrastructure including support, parts, training and sustainment. Other benefits include right Size, Weight, Power and Cooling (SWaP-C), reduced fuel consumption, in-flight refueling, manufacturing efficiencies, and increased aircraft availability rates.



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737 Technical Specifications

Length 110.3 ft
Max Take-off Weight 171,000 lbs
Max Payload ~49,000 lbs
Floor Space >800 sq ft
Max Endurance with Mission Payload 11.5-12.5 hours
Fuel Burn with Mission Payload 4,800-5,000 lb/hr
Short Field Takeoff at MTOW <7,000 ft
Operating Altitude with Payload 35,000 to 41,000 ft
Cruise Speed 405-445 kts
Available Power 360 kVa